Meat and Vegetable Cleavers

A cleaver is a large knife that varies in its shape but usually resembles a square-bladed hatchet. It is used mostly for cutting through bones as a kitchen utensil. Great for chicken, beef and pork.

How to Sharpen Large Blades including cleavers, scimitars, here!

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Chinese Vegetable Cleaver, high carbon stainless steel
These chinese cleavers offer a thin, well balanced high carbon stainless steel blade with an exterme..
$15.75 $9.75
FDick 1778 Series 6-3/4 inch Chinese Cleaver
Ultra-fine layer of high-alloy Double X VG 12 Carbon steel with an extreme hardness of more t..
FDick Red Spirit 7 inch Chinese Chefs Cleaver for Chopping
7" Chinese Chefs Cleaver with wider spine for chopping. High-alloyed, stainless steel for long ..
FDick Red Spirit 7 inch Chinese Chefs Cleaver for Slciing
7" Chinese Cleaver Knife with narrow spine for slicing. High-alloyed, stainless steel for long ..
Victorinox Cleaver, Chinese, 8 x 3 inch Curved, Black Polypropylene Handle
The sleek Victorinox 41589 8 inch Chinese Chef’s Knife is an excellent way to enhance the perf..
Victorinox Cleaver, Kitchen, 7 x 3 inch, 15 oz., Black Polypropylene Handle
Versatile and reliable, the Victorinox 41591 curved cleaver is an exceptional tool in any kitchen. G..
Victorinox Cleaver, Restaurant, 7 inch x 2.50 inch, 1 lb., Black Fibrox Pro Handle
This Victorinox cleaver has a black Fibrox® handle that is ergonomically shaped and is slip resi..