Kitchen Scissors & Shears

Kitchen shears are extremely strong scissors which are designed specifically for use in the kitchen. The design of a traditional set of scissors is altered slightly for kitchen shears to create a stronger fulcrum which can snap through the breastbone of a chicken just as easily as it can snip open a package of rice. A good quality pair of kitchen shears is a useful thing to have around the kitchen, and many kitchen supply stores stock this basic kitchen tool.

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Chef's Secret Poultry Shears
Features locking clip and durable polypropylene handles. These 9-1/4" high-quality stainless ste..
Diamond Cut Multi-Purpose Kitchen Shears
Enjoy the ease of cutting up pizza or deboning chicken without the worry of cutting yourself on a sh..


Kitchen Scissors
The Paderno World Cuisine 8 7/8" offset kitchen scissors is designed for multi-purpose cutting...
$27.75 $21.75
Maxam 3pc Small Household Scissor Set
The Maxam® 3pc Small Household Scissor Set is one of our customer favorites. A must-have kitchen ute..


Poultry Shears
The Paderno World Cuisine 10 ½ poultry shears distinguishes itself from kitchen scissors as t..
$24.75 $19.75
Poultry Shears, stainless steel
The Paderno World Cuisine 9 ½ offset poultry shears distinguishes itself from kitchen scissors as th..