Steel Pans

These steel pans are made of an alloy of 99% iron and 1% carbon. 

Black steel pans are pre-heated thus giving them the black / blue steel name within the industry.
Carbon steel cookware is uncoated, natural and safe. (will also turn black after use).

This cookware is an excellent heat conductor. It is suitable with all heat sources, including induction and oven proof. It is a high density metal and therefore doesn’t retain odors. It non-coated and if protected from rusting, it will last a lifetime. It withstands high temperatures and allows for longer preheating. A steel pan may come with different finishes. Much lighter than cast-iron, a steel pan lasts forever. After being seasoned, it acquires natural non-stick properties that won’t chip, scratch or peel off. Unlike non-stick pans, it is safe to use at high temperatures, as well as with metal objects, such as knives, forks or spatulas. It requires minimum care, but is not dishwasher or microwave safe. Be cautious as the handle gets hot so our suggestion is to purchase the silicon sleeves. Each pan comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Both steel pans come with a coating of food-safe soy bean vegetable oil to prevent rusting in storage and shipping and is then placed in a plastic bag. As the bag will stick to the oil, be aware that it will leave temporary marks and spots which will be removed when the pan is washed and seasoned. 

For stubborn build-up:
  • Use an SOS pad and scrub the entire interior of pan.
  • Rinse and dry completely.
  • Oil pan as usual.
  • Place pan in oven at 400°F for 10 to 15 mins.
  • Repeat process again.
DO NOT USE ANY HARSH CHEMICALS, as it will ruin the pan. 

Some items are subject to availability!

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