Copper Cookware

Series 15200

Copper cookware has long been favored by professionals and home chefs alike. Not only is it aesthetically appealing, but its uniform heat conductivity and temperature control are unparalleled, as it reacts almost instantly to temperature changes. Series 15200 by Paderno World Cuisine boasts these features and more in its super heat-conductive multi-layer construction (polished solid copper, aluminum and 18/10 stainless steel). This combination distributes heat from bottom to top quickly and evenly, with the added benefit of the stainless steel finish, which will not react with acidic ingredients in foods such as tomatoes and citrus. The beautifully polished handles are made of solid brass and are secured by wide rivets.

To extend the life of copper cookware, always wash by hand and dry immediately. 
  • Not induction compatible.

  • FREE Bottle of Copper Restorer with every order.


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