Ceramic Cookware

The Paderno World Cuisine aluminum ceramic coated pans have a forged handle and is very sturdy. Ceramic is non-toxic and non-reactive, which eliminates the release of chemicals, toxins and gases into both the food and the atmosphere. These non-stick ceramic coated pans are PFOA-free. Ceramic is energy-efficient, as it retains heat well and in turn requires less. It is economical as ceramic coating will never "wear off" under standard usage, and ensures the pan's longevity. Its natural non-stick quality allows for healthier preparation since less fat is required during the cooking process. These pans can reach up to 800F, which is significantly more than traditional non-stick coated pans that can only heat up to 500F.

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Aluminum Ceramic Coated Frying Pan
The Paderno World Cuisine aluminum ceramic coated frying pan has a forged handle and is very sturdy...
Ceramic Cocotte Stone White
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Ceramic Sauteuse Red
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Ceramic Tagine, black and white
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