Seafood Tools

Tools made for your special seafood dinner preparation. From spatulas, chillers, Deveiner, pickers, crackers, scalers, tweezers and steamers.

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Aluminum Lobster Cracker, stainless steel
This 6-inch aluminum lobster cracker facilitates the extraction of lobster and other seashell meats...
$8.75 $6.75


Cooking Tongs, stainless steel, straight, 11-7/8 inch
The Paderno World Cuisine 11 7/8 inch straight cooking tong is designed for tossing and serving, and..
$19.75 $14.75
Lamson Shrimp Deveiner, walnut handle
This unique walnut handled tool shells and deveins shrimp in one stroke. The 3-inch curved blade fol..
Lobster Pick, stainless steel
This 7-7/8-inch lobster pick facilitates the extraction of lobster and other seashell meats. ..
Matfer Cast Aluminum Fish Scaler
Made for removing scales off fish before preparation. Aluminium. Cast in one piece. Effective..
Matfer Fish Scaler, cast aluminum w/plastic lid
Rapid de-scaling of fish by means of a special wide stainless steel blade. Waste scale containe..
Paderno Fish Scaler, Stainless Steel Blade & Handle
This scaler has a quadruple blade with serrated edges that offer significant coverage for quicker sc..
Sea Urchin Cutter, stainless steel
The Paderno World Cuisine stainless steel sea urchin cutter is durable and is built to last a lifeti..