Sharpening Tools

Many professional chefs and owners sharpen their knives using the items below. You can use a sharpening rod/steel, hand held sharpener or a sharpening system. It all depends on your knowledge and experience of sharpening kitchen knives. You will hear a lot of  different opinions on which sharpening system to use. In my opinion, you should use what works for you. Some like the multi-oil stones, some like the water stones (recommended), and others like the guided sharpening systems that is exclusively for those that need a little more of easier simple instruction.

Some items are subject to availability!
Ceramic Electric Handheld

Steels Stones Systems
For more info on how to sharpen your knives, I recommend watching the following videos:
Using a Multi-oil Stone Smith's Sharpening Systems DMT Sharpening Stones
Using a Steel Rod Lansky Sharpening Systems Using a Water Stone